The Truth Behind HD Makeup

When High Definition (HD) technology first arrived, it was welcomed by viewers, because it provided them with a more lifelike image. However, it posed a challenge to makeup artists because; even the smallest pock mark would appear as a large crater. In addition, HD cameras could easily expose that actors were wearing too much makeup to hide their imperfections. This would have been a major problem had makeup manufacturers not created HD makeup.

Defining HD Makeup

HD cosmetics are those designed to hide creases, wrinkles, and, any type of blemish, without making the wearer appear unnatural, or, caked up. Their formulae are created to be sheer, while, hiding uneven skin tones, and, other flaws that can affect an actor’s glamorous image. Basically, HD makeup contains light-scattering ingredients which create the illusion of an even finish. At times, these cosmetics may also include mattifying agents to prevent oily complexions from shining, and, moisturizing ingredients to ensure that the makeup doesn’t settle into the cracks, and, creases occurring on dry complexions.

Many famous makeup producers offer, the best HD makeup, used by expert makeup artists. So, whether it’s HD foundation, or, HD eyeliner you need, you can rest assured that it is available at your favorite makeup store. However, over the past few years, HD cosmetics became simultaneously linked with airbrush makeup. Airbrushed makeup is liquid-based cosmetics that are sprayed onto the skin using an air compressor and a pen-like device called the airbrush. Many companies produce this form of makeup to help professional makeup artists overcome their HD TV troubles. One of such companies is Dinair, which was established by Emmy Award-winning makeup artist, Dina Ousley.

HD Cosmetics for Non-Celebrities

After being introduced to the world of HD makeup, you must be wondering what all this has to do with you, especially since you’re not a star-studded celebrity, or, someone who maybe facing a HD camera any time soon. However, you need to understand that, although HD cosmetics have been designed for studio purposes, they are excellent products for anyone who wears makeup. Whether you use makeup frequently, or, seldom, you will want the best from the cosmetics you invest in; and nothing is better than makeup that flatters your skin without caking up, or, smearing down your face.

Brides, especially, will demand the use of HD, and, airbrush cosmetics to look great on their special day. This is why many salons offer bridal makeup with both of these cosmetics. However, you should be prepared to pay a hefty tab if you choose any of these forms of makeup. Now a better idea would be for you to have your own HD cosmetics, or, airbrush kit.

The Prices of HD Cosmetics

Owning your own HD makeup, or, airbrush kit is the best option for you, if you want to reap their benefits. However, one of the factors, you may consider while shopping, is the price of these cosmetics. To be very honest, these perfect finish cosmetics do not come cheap. In fact, you will spend more on your HD and airbrush cosmetics than you usually do when shopping for regular makeup. But, it is worth it as this is a sound investment in your looks, because you will look perfectly beautiful, for a long time.

In addition, one of the strong points which make HD cosmetics worth every penny is that you won’t need as much product to look your best. So, even if you pay $60 for foundation, you can rest assured that it will last you more than two months easily. Even airbrush kits are cost effective. You can pay approximately $200 for a starter kit, and, use it for months, before ordering inexpensive refills for less than $20. If you want, you can always try a kit through a free trial. For example, Dinair offers a 14-day free trial period, where you can try their innovative kit, and, perfect finish cosmetics. After that, you can decide whether, or not, you want to invest in the kit and then pay for it.

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