Dinair: The Leader in Airbrush and HD Makeup

by Ritzm77md on September 2, 2011

Many companies claim to be leaders when it comes to HD makeup, but none of them, have been able to produce cosmetics, which can ensure your flawless beauty at all times. This, however, became history when Dinair entered into the HD cosmetics arena.

Introducing Dinair

This airbrush makeup producer, Dinair, was established in the early 80s by Emmy-award winner Dina Ousley. Ousley is a professional, makeup artist, who introduced the fashion world to airbrush cosmetics, in the late 70s. She even won an award for her airbrushed model, therefore bringing this form of makeup into the limelight, and establishing its presence in the fashion world.

Over the past 30 years, Ousley’s company has evolved, and produces the finest airbrushing kits, and best HD makeup, around. With the help of her business partner, and husband, George Lampman, she has been able to create low-pressure makeup that provides micro-pointilism coverage. As a result, the makeup Dinair has to offer is easily sprayed onto the skin, where it turns invisible to the naked eye.

Why it is the Best

One of the questions, you may have on your mind, is what makes this airbrush cosmetics manufacturer, the best, among many others. Some of the reasons, we can give you, are listed below.

  • The Formulae are Designed to Match All Skin Types – Whether your skin is oily or dry, you won’t have to worry about your airbrushed makeup damaging your skin. The company’s makeup is 100% water-based, and, contains no harmful additives such as silicone, alcohol, and, perfume.
  • It Offers a Comprehensive Collection of Makeup – Most companies will provide you with airbrush HD foundation, highlighter, and blush, but will not allow you, to enjoy, airbrushing your makeup to the max. This airbrush cosmetics producer has a large collection of makeup that includes HD eyeliner, airbrush lipstick, and, airbrush eye shadow.
  • The Makeup Lasts Longer than Most – Most companies offer you HD perfection that lasts 12 hours, at most. However, this airbrush cosmetics manufacturer promises you a flawless airbrushed look that will surpass 24 hours. Some of the reasons, behind this excellent result are: the water-resistant agents in the makeup, the anti-caking ingredients added, and the smear-proof compound enhancing this makeup.
  • Its Flawlessness Surpasses Others’ – The makeup, Dinair has to offer, provides you with medium to sheer coverage. However, if you want to hide imperfections that are too prominent, a dark tattoo for example, you can rely on its Paramedical Makeup line to help you.
  • Its Kit is Reasonably Priced – For as low as $199, you can have your own airbrush kit, and, four shades of foundation. Other manufacturers will sell you a kit for a high price, but that will only strain your budget, and, prevent you from taking advantage of the airbrush cosmetics’ benefits.

If you’re interested in what Dinair has to offer, you can easily order its free trial. However, be prepared to be awed, by the excellent makeup you will get, and, the perfection you will see in your mirror.

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