Airbrush Makeup: The Real HD Makeup

by Ritzm77md on September 1, 2011

With the advent of HD TV, the need for makeup that provided, sheer perfection, without showing on cameras, arose. As a result, HD makeup was developed. Now, you can spot HD cosmetics such as, HD foundation, and, HD eyeliner, at every major makeup store. However, the world of HD cosmetics changed with the entry of a new form of makeup: airbrush makeup. As a result, it has become common for people to, interchangeably, use the terms HD cosmetics, and, airbrush makeup.

What are Airbrush Cosmetics?

Airbrush cosmetics are liquid-based makeups, which are applied with air pressure. A compressor generates the air, which disperses the makeup, through a device called the airbrush. Aside from its unique application method, what makes airbrush makeup special is its skin-friendly formula. Most companies offer makeup that is mainly water-based, and, free from additives which can irritate the skin, like alcohol. So, you can rest assured that your sensitive, or, acne prone skin, won’t be giving you a hard time after you remove your makeup.

Why Airbrushed Makeup is Great for HD Technology

Airbrush makeup is the best HD makeup because it:

  • Allows Your Skin to Look and Feel Natural – Airbrush cosmetics are designed to conceal your blemishes without sinking into your skin, clogging your pores. So, you won’t have to worry about your makeup caking up on your skin.
  • Conceals Your Imperfections Effectively – With airbrushed makeup, you can kiss your imperfections goodbye. Most companies, such as Dinair, provide you with medium to sheer coverage for all sorts of blemishes.
  • Applies and Dries Quickly – Because HD cosmetics were mainly made for studios, airbrush cosmetics were designed to be applied quickly and then dry fast. Even if you’re not an actor, you will enjoy this feature, that is, if you want quick, yet flawless, makeup.

Airbrush Cosmetics Producers

Many makeup producers have started creating, and offering, their own brands of airbrush cosmetics. However, even today, three companies continue to dominate this portion of the makeup world, and those are:

  1. Dinair Airbrush Makeup – Dinair Airbrush makeup is unique, because it is the only company that provides comprehensive airbrush cosmetics for both your face, and, body. Its co-founder and owner, Dina Ousley, has worked closely with actors, and, has had, ample experience with HDTV. So, its line of products and kits is designed with HD in mind.
  2. Temptu – Temptu is well known across the world for its good airbrush foundation, highlighter and blush. Though its airbrush cosmetics are limited, many expert makeup artists will use it on their charges, as long as they aren’t allergic to silicone.
  3.  Luminess Air – Luminess Air, an important airbrush cosmetics manufacturer, produces a large collection of makeup. Its products’ main ingredients are water, and, minerals, therefore they are quite suitable for people with oily skin as well.

After this close look into the world of airbrushed cosmetics, do you feel tempted enough to try airbrushing your makeup?

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